Science Dicks


Enjoy these sciency dicks.

[For the visually impaired: Pictured are the dicks of nine science dudes: Oppenheimer, Schrodinger, Watson, Crick, Edison, Tesla, Bohr, Galileo, and Darwin. Oppenheimer’s dick is totally da bomb (exploding in a mushroom-headed cloud). Schrodinger’s pants may or may not contain his dick. You won’t know until you unzip the fly. Watson and Crick’s dicks form a double-helix. (Not pictured: Rosalind Franklin, whose work they used without credit.) Edison was a total dick, but his just looks like an old-fashioned lightbulb. Tesla’s is electric. Bohr’s balls are anatomically atom anatomy. Galileo’s dick looks to the stars. Darwin’s dick is show in three stages of homo erectus. Like my work, it’s highly evolved.]

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