Horror Dicks


Apparently M. Knight Shayamalan is making a Tales From the Crypt movie, so of course I had to celebrate this with a picture of the Cryptkeeper’s wormy boner. Yes, it should have rotted away first, but somehow it was preserved (adiposere? formaldehyde? who knows) and is still semi-functional.

Also, I know that some of you may not be familiar with male chastity devices, but that’s what Norman Bates has on his man tackle. You can google that if you want, but it’s your own fault if someone checks your search history and finds that there.

[For the visually impaired: Pictured are nine horrific dinguses. They belong to Norman Bates, Frankenstein’s monster, Pinhead, The Mummy, The Cryptkeeper, Chucky, Freddy, Leprechaun, and Dracula. Chucky’s private area is actually just a slight bump in the plastic. Freddy’s head is actually Freddy’s head. Leprechaun has some surprisingly stereotypical tattoos of clover and a rainbow, and Dracula’s dick somehow resembles Gary Oldman.]

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